Can a person have caste certificate and domicile from two states?

I belong to Dhobi caste (SC in Uttar Pradesh and OBC in Haryana). My parents were born and brought up in UP. My father got a central government job 3 years before my birth in Haryana. My father's job doesn't have transfers. I was born in Uttar Pradesh, but came to Haryana 1 month after that. I lived in Haryana till class 12th. For admission in college, I needed domicile and caste certificates. Unknowingly, I got domicile certificate from both states. But I have caste certificate from UP only. I do not have OBC certificate of Haryana. It it helps, all my relatives live in UP. I did not use any domicile certificate for any benefit. However, I took admission in IIT after 12th. IIT is a central govt. institute, so there is no state reservation. But I used my SC certificate in IIT. My questions are: Can I have caste and domicile from both states? If no, is it necessary to have domicile and caste certificates from same state? Can I have domicile of Haryana and caste certifiate of UP? Secondly, I want to attempt IAS (civil services) in future. Can I use my UP caste certificate, keeping in mind that I live in Haryana? My parents have UP caste certificates and domiciles.