Salary Withheld

I was employed by a company which deals into multiple projects of retail giants for the past 6 months recently in the month of april I was moved to a different project of the same company. I was given a new employ id and a revised salary structure which was far less than the one which I was withdrawing in the earlier project I had to take up as it was a sudden move and i had no other option recently I was down by fever and took one day leave after informing my reporting manager and even the next day i was not well and i again dropped a message for which my reporting manager asked me to come to office but i didnt went as i was not well and took a medical certificate from my doctor who diagnosed me and forwarded a mail with the med doc attached for which he replied not to send this type of silly reason and if you are not interested tell us we will hire someone else and said that if i dont come to office on that day he will terminate me. I didnt responded his mail as i was fed up with the company and was looking to leave and when he sent a mail that i will be terminated i thought anyways if he terminates i will get the salary for the month which I have worked but even after the date of salary i didnt got any salary from the company and when contacted the HR he said that I am holding the company assests (laptop) so I have to submit that and has to put down an official resignation after which my salary would be released. I did but even after that I didnt got the salary and when contacted him he asked me contact my reporting manager when contacted him he didnt answered my calls when I texted him he asked me to contact the VP and finally i came back to the HR who asked me send my doctors prescription and blood reports as they are not convinced by my med doc so i also forwarded them the report and till now the salary is withheld by the company. I get salary on every month between the dates 5th to 10th. Here I am talking of my May entire month (I worked the whole may'16 month) salary which is been witheld by the company till now.