Divorce, and Joint Property

Hi, I am writing to you on behalf of my sister. She is married for 1 year and has a kid. She has gone through mental and physical abuse from inlaws and husband Finally she is back at our parents house in Pune and doesnt wish to go back Her husband has conveniently got her into an home loan with her paying the entire EMI. and now she continues to do so. But it is difficult for her to sustain the EMI + daily expenses. Is there anyway to get rid of the EMI .She is working in the same bank where she has taken loan from. So she gets her salary with the EMI deducted. She is the primary owner of the house. Also, her husband has not contacted her for 1 month, not even enquirirng about the baby. also to give you a headsup about her Husband. When my sister complained about him about physical abuse, he made a counter complaint that she hit him 1st and tried to harm the baby so he reacted back. Can you give us a possible solution how to proceed about all this. Can we have a brief talk about this. Regards, Priti Sawant