No contact with husband since 3.5 months

I am married since 05.02.2015. From Day 1 my in laws mentally torture me..After marriage my husband behaved me nicely around 1.5 months but after that he harassed me in many ways.Even my ear drum got punctured by his slap, But I kept on ignoring them till one year as we are staying apart due to our job. But things went worst on 6th March 2016 when I had a quarrel with my husband over phone. For 5-6 days he got absconded(as per my in laws words) which I later knew It was a complete plan by In ways.. During his missing, I went to my in laws home and seek them to lodge complaint about his missing but they threatened me to not to go to police and all.After he came back,my relatives and parents went to his house for a discussion and conciliation but he along with his family did not came for any conclusion in fact came to beat my parents n relatives..But to save my marriage,I advised my parents to leave that place but I stayed there for 3 days along with my cousin..But in vain..His family neither allow him to talk with me nor to spend time together..along with various kind of mental torture,,gossip and all..Even I was not allowed to talk with my parents over phone.Then i came back to my work place Now after 3 months have gone, we are trying to contact with my husband n his family over call nd msg but no response from his side..He along with his family threatened me for divorce but I am not agreed with Divorce. I need help keeping in view of legal point and its consequences