Contested Divorce - Procedure

I have filed for Divorce in Nov 2014 in Bangalore family court. During mediation, though I was ready for mutual, my husband did not agree as he had to return my jewels & money given during the wedding. So, the case continued as contested. We don't have children. I am claiming only my jewels & cash paid during wedding & not monthly maintenance. Now in April 2016 I have filed my evidence. My lawyer is good, but says nothing can be done to fasten the process. My husband is delaying the procedures by taking time & not appearing in court few times. Only a junior of his lawyer comes along with him & takes a next date. It is almost 1 and half year now and I am wasting my paid leaves & attending court. Now, I have filed my evidence in Apr 2016 and after this how many stages are there and in Bangalore Family court, how much time does these stages take to get completed. I want to end this case and start afresh my life. Approximately how long it might take to get the decree from this stage now.