Family asset issue

Dear guide i am a 36year old lady got register married 10 years ago but my father was not happy with that after some yrars i came to know that my husband have external affairs with other girl. mean while my mother passed away my father applied the divorce case against my husband behalf of me same time my father fixed himself a second marriage at the age of 63 with a 32year old lady regarding that i opposed my father's marriage and i given legal notice too my father was surrounded by mediators, even my whole family opposed too but finally my father got married So my stepmother married only because of my father's asset after all these my father convinced me to live with him (father) being that 2 year my father was tortured by my stepmother for disowning me lastly my father also passed away in Feb 2016 after my father's death ceremony my step mother left out from this home in my absence. Now she is filed false case against me to grab my father's home and assets please guide me what type of action I need To take