Pending salary

The company i am working with is a back office of a middle east company (Head Quartered in Bahrain). The CEO and MD of the Bahrain company are indian brothers from rajastan. While starting this back office the CEO as he will be travelling always made me as local director. That means CEO of the Bahrain company is the MD and me as local director. I was working as manager to this back office company. This company established on 2008 Until 2015 september, everything gone well but from October onwards we did not get salary. Then they terminated staffs in three stages and completed stopped operations by mid of January. I also got termination from the post of manager with effect from January 31st. by this time management from Bahrain agreed to pay all dues in 4 or 5 installments. We sold out the assets and got some amount from Bahrain and paid one installment on the month of april. All less salary staffs got their full settlements while senior got partial only. My directorship they agreed to cancel and I sent resignation dating 31st May. They agreed for the resignation. But no action taken by them to appoint another local director or alternate director. As per the advice we got a new local director and alternate director is required to free me. I need legal advice for the following 1. How will I and other staffs will get the Pending salary and gratuity? 2. As I am the local director of the company will I be liable for the pending salary of other staffs? If they complaint, will I be in trouble? How can I resign from the directorship of this company. Thank You.