Wife planning to file case

Dear Sir, Force fully my wife got married with me ( i came to know later ), i was very much interested in marriage life & wanted to enjoy the same , even now also. i am working in private company as an engineer . Before engagement once i met her in a restaurant & i expressed my feelings & after 15-20 min i asked her that how she is feeling about me & want to be clear if she has any concern . Her ans was only one word that "" She dose not like to fight "" !!! i was shocked to here this & convinced my self that in some mood she might have told this & continued with marriage .From the day one i tried to make out what she is having in her mind & finally i started feeling like that she is having some mental & physical disorders . because she was entirely different from a normal women . she was not speaking with any of our family members. she use to make complain about every body & every thing . Love , affection , romance etc etc NIL ... i complained about this to her mom & others ( dad no more ) no body was ready to listen i continued fighting with her .two years back we had baby boy & now she saying she doesn't want to continue life with me some times, some times she says sorry . Mean while i took her to family counselor twice . Presently from past 1 month she is at her mom's home . Now her mom and her young brother encouraged her to file a case which she has filed . any movement i may receive notice.