I have decide to purchase residential flat in Palghar. construction of building is completed in 2008 and society formed in 2014-2015. I made inquiry on certain points and than I come to know that building is registered under Maharashtra Co-op. soc. act but still share certificate is not issued and even bank account is not opened. but after meeting society members they told me that builder (owner of flat) has not paid dues from starting i.e. 2008 (when construction was completed). I required clarification on my below points: 1) society demanding Rs.20000/- from both Seller and Buyer (i.e. me). Could they demand such amount since just formation of society is done and neither they have bank account nor issued share certificate. should I have to pay the same or I can oppose them. 2) from whom I should get NOC (builder or society) since builder is the owner of flat. 3) builder has not paid maintenance charges. can society demand from builder from the year of completion of construction or from the date society has been fromed. Appreciate your kind response.