False dv case- threats of 498a and maintenance cases

My DV petition is referred to court after three sessions of pre-litigation counselling as no reconciliation was achieved on my wife's demand to give in writing that "I and my family members would be held responsible for danger to her life in case anything happens to her". She is openly saying in front of the legal advicer and the counsellors that "my family members should have fear". On the other hand she is telling very softly that she has no objections to take care of my parents. But PW&DVA counselling staff and everyone else turned deaf ear to these contradictory statements. It is noteworthy that my parents and sisters are already living in my native place away from me and and my wife since the time of our marriage and only visited few times for medical purpose. Her idea is to get rid of my family and not look after my ailing parents who are suffering from kidney disease and many other medical problems even during their terminal stages. My wife is a very selfish and cruel lady? She and her family is demanding for my salary and my parents property through mediators. What can I do to get rid of these problems and potential threats from my wife even if I take her back. I am sure that all her false allegations will not stand as I or my family members had taken utmost care of her and never hurt her. What will be the end result after the DV case judgment? Will she be ordered to stay with me irrespective of the result? Will the judge ask me to get seperated from my parents? What must be my stand in court to avoid her in my life?How to proceed with judicial separation or divorce?