Land owners giving trouble after getting agreement copy

Dear Sir, We purchased property in a.p and made a agreement and due to sudden financial problems we were unable to full fill the agreement irrespective of the huge amounts we had given in between or as demanded. Later, We had arranged a financier to fullfill the agreement (0.60 cents out of 0.92 cents agreed earlier) as mutually agreed plus to give interest as penalty to them. Note: They don't have passbooks on their name till date and we are forced to make arrangement to enter their details to avoid complications in addangalluand mutation was done. Later, Financier help maid had colluded with the land owners and taken orginal agreement copy from my dad and also gave amount to owners without any written proofs or with out consent he handed over my orginal agreement copy. from then, the land owners had a cooked up dispute arised between them and not willing to see each other faces and were not ready to come to our requested place for registration irrespective of several requests made and dragged for 2-3 months more. they are now requesting Rs2 /Rs100 intrest for those 3 months time also for which we are not responsible for. please guide or suggest what should i do? please kindly suggest.