Money taken by collegue in 2013 not returned

One of my colleague has told all her poor famiky story and gained sympathy to get money from my husband in the year 2013. The money was taken in part and some as cash for every occasion in her family. They promised to give everything by 2014 by selling the land which they have on their own . But the rekation with that collegue was not good later. Also my husband gave enough time till end of 2015 to return money but she refused initially saying she returnd all. When we told we have proof she accepted and told some amount of her wish. My hubby is need of money so just accepted to receive . But she tils she willl give 2000 per month. He never accepted for this and he insisted to give bacj. In this time she was relieving from company. So my husband persisted her to return money bfr she leaves company as he cant run behind her to get back it. We even tried through our offiice collegus but she clearly told " no i cant, i can give oly 2000 per month". My hubby told this cant be done ,do part payment in 6 month nd close in a year. But one year has frossed by this may 2016. We told her clearly we cabt run behind for money as she is getting married and going out of sight. Still she managed to cheat us. As my hubby is from orissa and the workolave is Chennai, he cabt speak fluent tamil. So my dad interfered and asked her politely but she nd her husband insukted my father nd my husband. They can return money but still she refused also usd absuing words against my husband. We have onmy proof bank staments transferred to her nd the lartial amt she returned in one year. We tried all means and we couldn't get back our money. We decided to go legally . We want our money immediately and we want apolgies for abusing my hubby and father unnecessarily . She clearly insulted my hubby who helped her in need and now she has money so showing her attitude to us. Please help us take action against that lady.