Miss use of police commissioner power

Respected sir , i am sanjay from maharashtra working as social worker in labor filed one of my close friend who was working as police constable in Maharashtra was superseded for requesting for specific branch fact is that my friend got periodical transfer from main office to home district after that my friend came to home district and complete clerical job and as any one can wish he want serve in cyber cell due to he was IT expert and also have cyber cell experience in previous central branch so he make written request application in the name of police commissioner and went to police commissioner office where he came to know police commissioner are on leave and his charge was given to dcp leval officer and now he was incharge of commiserate then he meet in charge officer make him request show his certificates and excellence in job done by him previously the officer (who was in charge of commissione) pass the temporary joining order in cyber cell next day dcp(who was in charge of commissione) was get transfer to another district and reguller commissioner came in charge when regguler commisnor came to know this order he make suspend police constable and blamed on him that he was conspired jointly with dcp and made self order of creme post (later it came to know commissioner and dcp are not good to each other) commisnor blame of constable that he conspired jointly with dcp for specifiq post but suspenion was make only to constble no any action taken aganinst dcp constable only make request to sitting incharge it is depeanded on incharge weather grant his reqwest or not no any chance to hear constable side direclty suspension order given in his hand he was honest known by everybody whom known him ,and get awarded sevral time and good service remark in his service after this suspensson he and his family get disturbe now he want to teach lesson such commisnor because that commissioner supended more than 28 men in month can we filed case aginst him can anybody help us