Harassment by neighbor's

Is feeding, loving and helping street animals and birds a crime??? Me to Smt. Maneka Sanjay GandhiSent Respected madam, I am an animal lover but I want to know Is feeding, loving and helping street animals and birds a crime??? Women in my neighborhood hno -22 beat street animals recklessly. She beat them by stick and stones...It hurts me a lot. Many times I try to protect the street animals. I have seen her stoning poor mother cat and kittens and birds. When I tried to stop her she stated the reason that the kittens roam outside her home and make meow noise and according to hindu law cats are sign of misfortune so she is trying to flee them away and a couple more people joined her and I had to withdraw. I tried to help those injured kittens by giving them milk and applying turmeric on their wounds. I can’t see them getting brutally beaten up by orthodoxy neighbors as It hurts me. In rainy season I provide shelter to birds and some cats, but she forced and fight with us and say don’t feed them and give shelter to these animals and birds when they are in need. Yesterday she beat one brown cat very badly even she used that stick for small kittens (3 months old). Today early morning I got up by listening their crying sound when I went to outside I saw he was throwing cold water and stones on kittens again. I stopped her then all her family came to do fight with me we exchanged hot words. She challenged me that she will repeat it unless cats will not leave this area and beating animals is according to Indian law even she threatened us that she has big family and she will teach us a lesson. Whenever I tried to stop her she started harassing me and my family by throwing muddy water in our house or by saying bad words to us even along with her sons she tried to show hooliganism and she says small families like ours who have girl child should be suppressed as girl child are sign of misfortune like cats. Ma’am although i belong to a very educated family but its very difficult for us to deal with our illiterate neighbors and before I take any action I wanted to clarify few of my doubts through this mail. Is helping, loving, feeding birds and animals an offence?? Does NGO’s promote killing them?? Are cats a sign of misfortune and should be harassed?????? Whatever efforts and hard work I am doing to save our animals and birds by loving, feeding and helping them according to Indian laws are wrong or should be stopped?????? Kindly clarify my doubts ma’am I will be highly obliged