Ancestral property sale proceeds grabbed by subnitting fake sign.

Ancestral property (agricultural land in village) of 3-4 generations,sold by father, after retiring from govt. service. Sale proceeds deposited in his own Public Sector Bank accounts with mother as nominee. Father died. I stay at a long distance serving in another state. My only brother along with 3 sisters & surviving mother submitted affidavit & other documents required by Bank without my knowledge but papers carrying my signature made by any of them (forged my sign.). Mother as nominee is understood transferring funds from father's bank account to my brother's account who is acquiring fixed assets out of that.Many FDs in father's name and maturity amounts credited to the Savings Bank account being operated by mother as nominee. How can the bank be unaware of the fact that mother as nominee is a trustee to ensure interests of both the sons as legal heirs & of 3 daughters as well? How Bank is allowing release of funds from SB account of father to my brother's account in the same city even after my emailing to bank from personal mail Id of my bank(I'm in another bank) that I have not signed any document and stop acting on affidavits etc.with my fake sign.& operation in deceased father's account in transferring funds to brother's account? Since I ve not signed documents and don't want them to know how I sign. I had emailed Bank to inform all these but bank not responded to any of my 3 mails sent from Aug.'14,July '15 to their Chairman,Head Office, Regional Office,Vigilance Dept.Head & Branch concerned. My brother is a state govt.employee, whose seniors received my complaint sent through ordinary post regarding fake signature on affidavit and eembezzelment of entire deposuts by brother, thought that would make him feel awkward. But no regrets. No response from his seniors either.Developments very hurtful. Even brother's regd. with father's accounts &there could be internet banking facility through which brother could be transferring funds on his own without mother's knowledge.