Adverse report on passport-non issue of passport-Reg

Sir I am a civil engineer i will be on travel to different parts of the country time to time...Almost 10 years back i have applied for passport from my native town and subsequently police visited for verification in my home ,during that period i was not present and my parents told to the police that ''my son is working in Kerala By mistake instead i was staying there in home town and often in travel ...since my nature of job is like that... Based on my parents statement Police had given Adverse report to passport office...after that i just left as it is and i was not following up for passport... Now after 10 years last month on april 2016 ..i have applied for the fresh passport ...During the time of verification the passport officials said that...due to adverse report you have to pay Rs 1000 as a fine and then we will issue passport.Based on their orders i have paid Rs 1000 as a fine and subsequently i have got police verification and i was present this time. Once again after the verification when i approached passport office for issuing of my passport ...again they are demanding for Rs 5000 as fine for not present at the first police verification and Adverse report on the first time I really feel bad and being Citizen of India ...i have been shuttled for issuing of passport sir Can you please help me on this to get my passport Thanks P.Ramesh