Divorce and child custody.

My marriage took place at Jabalpur (M.P) .Due to job me and husband had to relocate at various cities of India. Currently at Hyderabad from the past 6yrs. We do drop in at Jabalpur once in a year for a week during festive season. Have been on a troubled and abusive marriage for years. I have a 4yrs old adopted son . He was adopted when he was just 7 months old...I am a working woman whose entire income is used to run the house expense as husband is never on a stable job. The fear of lising my adopted son is the only reason for me to take the abuse....My question is. 1. Can I file for a cruelty followed by a divorce from Hyderabad. 2. Can my MIL file a false complaint from Jabalpur on me even though I am like a occasional visitor out there. 3. My 4yrs adopted son is brainwashed against me that I like scolding him and cruel towards him. Will a 4yrs statement be considered and I lose his custody? Will the orphanage have the right to take him back if he is forced to give such statement against me. 5. Will law look upon the current salary of my husband and hand over the child to him or his unstable income history and gap in job. 6 yrs had been in 4 companies. Out of 19 yrs of marriage worked for 6yrs. 4. Is there a law against the person who files a false complain and cannot prove. Thanks