Agriculture land property mortagage

Sir, I am guarantor to my friend’s loan. I have given my ancestral property(Agriculture land) as guaranty by registered document( without consent of other coparceners). In the mortgage deed the duration of document is specifically mentioned as 10 years to which the original bank agreed). My friend is not in position to pay off the loan. So original bank declared it as NPA. Now the original bank have been overtaken by another co-op bank. The original bank has been merged with a new bank. The loan was NPA asset with the original bank. The original bank is not existence now. 11 years have passed & yet neither bank has not taken any step to recover the loan. ( The tenure of the mortgage deed of 10 years has been passed.) So under these circumstances, 1) Can my property be treated as of clear title. Is it mortgage free now ? 2) Now other coparceners are demanding their share by partition. Can we go for partition ? (They say that I have no right to mortgage the ancestral property without their consent for the benefit of outsider.) a) In this situation what will be my responsibility, what can I do ? b) What the bank can do ? c) What will be my stand if bank takes action? d) Can we dispose off the said property. Please guide me in detail. Anil,Sangli