Division of property

My uncle has a residential property which is very old. Long ago, 3 partners of a construction company made this property and started living in 3 different houses in the same compound but the main gate n enterance was common. Company was dissolved there after and all the three partners distributed their share. But this property is still under dispute. One of the partners descendants occupied some land n have made a separate entrance. But the second partner n my uncle still share the same entrance n main gaye in the property. My uncle is facing a lot of problems as this second partner is a big nuisance maker, a alcoholic n also has history of domestic violence cases etc on him. His motive is to occupy the full property and get rid of my uncle and his family. This is where he wants help. - my uncle is ready to divide the property and just be happy with his share without the interference of other partners. - my uncle has all his property documents with property tax recipts etc in order. Kindly advice how to go ahead and get his share