My wife held captive by her family members dispute of property

Dear sir, since the property belongs to her father and father is still alive and has been changing property will due to the pressure of family members, now my wife is the second daughter in the family and the family members are my father in law age 89yrs , mother in law age 80yrs, elder daughter, second daughter ( my wife ) , Son , Third daughter. Now all these members live in bangalore and we live in hyderabad, since three yrs the property will is been changed thrice And we are not aware of this.But now my wife had been to her father on 5th june a to know about the property will since then she is been held captive and i spoke to her on 9th june regarding this but they had refused to share any information, the strange thing is they have forced her to file a compliant against me and has taken her to a layer to file a divorce application against me, now children s are major but i do not understand what to do, my wife is scared that ifshe does not listen to them ultimately they might end up not giving any share to her in the property and she is been doing as what is been told to her..Please let me know how this situation should be dealt