Clarification of right to partition

Introduction: As per their arguments My maternal grandfather with his hard earned own money bought a land but he registered that in his wife name i.e., to my maternal grandmother past 30 years back. Now, my maternal grandmother is trying to prove that the land was bought from her own hard earned money and she try to fear us telling she can sell the property to anyone or do anything as she wanted without the consent of anyone i.e., children’s or husband as she feels that it is self -owned property by her. Queries: Firstly, who is the legal owner of this land i.e. is it my Maternal grandmother or grandfather? Secondly there is no clear evidence that they bought the land through their own earrned money. If in case they had bought the land from ancestral money (like buying the land from the money obtained by selling other ancestral property) then new land which is bought from that money is ancestral property or self-owned property? Thirdly, I need to know whether children’s have right to get partitioned the property in this particular case?