Question on how to proceed against the secretary of RWA

Hi -- Posting this one behalf of one of my friends. My friend (an U.S. Green card holder), has a flat in India, that is 20 years old. In the apartment complex where he has this property, there are around 15 flats in total. My friends flat is in the top floor, and recently due to a leakage in the ceiling, they started getting leaks in their flat too (no other resident faced this issue). Apparently, the association decided to spend money and repair this, every resident has paid upto Rs 50,000 to bear this expense. While all of this was going on, the secretary of this association (who owns 4 of the 15 flats in this apartment) tells that the money is not enough (which obviously is a lie) and expects probably another 50k to 1 Lakh would be required to complete the repair work. He wants my friend to cough up the entire money, and says that other residents are not willing to pay up. My friend checked with few of the other flat owners and it appears that the secretary is making up a story for some reason. The secretary is neither willing to convene a meeting not willing to document the minutes of conference calls that my friend has had with him. Since the repaid work is mid-way, the flat is in an unusable condition and everything is struck. What is the best way to act against the secretary? Will we get a time bound solution if we approach the courts? What type of court should we approach? Thanks in advance.