Landlord cheated by false commitment

I am a working woman, working in a software company. Due to my job I have taken a transfer from Kolkata to Bangalore. Within a short period of time I got a rented 1 BHK in Doddanekkundi with the help of a broker. It's my bad luck, or may be inexperience, I have paid the money without proper checking. Though I came here in Bangalore on 8th June, but I have booked this property on 1st May. So, before getting the room, I have paid 40,000/- security deposit and 2 months rent. I got the key on 9th June. I saw the whole is so dirty and filthy. Floors on the rooms, kitchen tacks, bathroom, doors and windows everything was full of dust and so sticky. Cistern flush leaking, kitchen sink leaking, electric switches and sockets are not working and even broken. The owner didn't do any maintenance before handef over the key. I have paid from my pocket so that I can live there. After 2 days I came to know from the neighbours that the owner has decided to sell the house. Though I have paid the money, still I came in Bangalore he took so many pictures of the rooms to advertise through the broker. The owner has started build a new house in other area, he need the money for that purpose, so he gave me the old 1BHK in rent to me. All my luggage and belongings have reached at this room. Now I am in deep trouble. They have stopped the water in kitchen. The door and window locks are not working properly. He doesn't want to repair. I really don't understand how to survive in this situation. If the owner has already decided to sell this property then why did he give it to me on rent. As I came to know that if the owner will change then the rent agreement will be invalid. I am not feeling secure. Please help me. It's just 1 week I came here and everything seems like a nightmare.