Right of ownership

My husband grndfthr died intestate in 1999 leaving behind his widow, 3 daughters,his predeceased son's widow(my husband father died in 1997 intestate and was not hvng any self acquired property) n four minor grandchildren-3 females n one male-my husband. In 2008-my husband grndmther also died making a registered will in favour of my husband for 100% property.now my husband mother is clamining 50% share in property for herself n daughters whereas we r saying that she is not entitled to any share BT only for maintenance as 1.since all male members died intestate before 2005,daughters cnnt claim any share in the property. 2.as for mother,since it was my husband grandfather self earned property n nt father self earned n also father expired before grndfather,so mother can only claim for share in a limited way in father in law property I.e she can live in the property-house n ask for maintence from the income raised from property till she lives BT cnnt ask for absoluteshare in the property or seek partition as per Hindu succession act. Pls guide if mother has ANY right in the property apart from living into the house or asking share into the income of property for her maintence till her survivorship. .