If husband is neither ready for divorce nor to give maintenance?

I am married for the last 3 years with a central Govt. officer. And from the very beginning my husband and Mother-in-law started making big issues of day to day life and indirectly making undue demands in the form of dowry articles. They made my life hell and even they didn't allow my parents or any family members to interfere in any matter or even call/ phone/ visit. I stayed there for 5-6 months (in total) during past 3 years. Now, when I filed a case & divorce; they are using their political links for making pressure and they succeeded in that. Even, they mislead the police enquiry. At one side, he used to say everywhere that he never wanted to leave his wife but in reality he neither giving divorce nor ready to give maintenance. Let me clear one more thing here, that, I am Ph.D and working on a contractual job after the failure of my married life (before marriage I was working on a permanent job which they forced me to resign after marriage) and he is using this argument for denying the maintenance/alimony. What should I do next????