Divorce on grounds of fraud by wife and her parents

My marriage done 2.5 years back. but my wife stay with me only 1.5 months. that time she always going to her mother place by informing me her mother have appointment of doctor near by her house. her house is rented house with three bed rooms flat but a single lady is living there.. before marriage i have told them everything about my earnings and status and all after marriage i got one issue of my wife having cancer toncels in under arms in huge quantity they never told us before marriage that she got that since 2006. but when we went with her for FNAC test my wife mother said that that toncils just comes from one month after marriage her mother totally blaming us after that she went to her mother place before marriage she said like that after marriage her mother will stay near by our marital house but her mother extended her rent agreement further. my marriage took place in feb 2014 ... in march my wife went to doctor for heart checkup ... sir i am living in mohali and her mother house is in panchkula very far away from mine place after that her mother took the decision to operate her cancer tonsils in alchemist . sir i m middle class guy can't afford big hospitals expenses before marriage i had disclosed that i m hand to mouth salary getting after that i got my wife back to my place within 20 days she made the buwander / violance in home reason was that i had refused to go her cousin marriage in gurdaspur but i never restricted her not to go to her cousin marriage after that her mother came to our house and mis behaved with us alot and get my wife to her place in panchkula after 3-4 months she lodged a complaint on me in women cell in panchkula sector 12 A . from first day of marriage she is managing bill copies of every thing and in that complaint she said my nani ma ji torturing her for her salary my nani ma ji age 85 plus there policemen didnot corporate with us due to bribe giave by my wife parents when we requested to policemen that you can enquiry about us from anywhere where we are living my wife suddenly closed the complaint by says my husband will aloow me to go to my mothers house i never refused her to go to her mothers house after that i have applied for copy of complaint through RTI but policemen harrasing me still they haven't gave me a copy of complaint. is this a rubbish law of india sir my mother is widow from 17 years and my nani ji is also widow from 16 years . i m only the person who do everything for their survive nani ji is heart patient and my mother is blood pressure patients 205 higher blood pressure sometimes ..... my wife always blaming me and her behavious is very cruel with us......... now one more fraud comes in front of mine eyes as i told you earlier that she mentioned in complaint her mother is a austhamatic patient i will allow her to care her but she is herself a patient there in alchemist hospital from 15 years due to kidney problem her one kidney is very small and rotated right kidney and left one kidney is also small and shrinking she is living on pain killer injections in a day any time anywhere severe pain and then she searching medical place for injection they never told us about this before marriage that she having this problem still her mother hiding reports from me all the time but i have decided to find out the reason why she is living in her mothers house after marriage in 1.5 months now the fraud is comes out i said i will go with u for renogram test in PGI she refused me to go with her and gets her mother with her for test after test i ask for her report she said no report made still her mother hiding her report i asked again and again but she refused ........... i went to PGI and get the renogram report in that report the kidney functioning is left kidney 73% and right kidney 23% her urine also stops always , infection comes always , pain always, vomiting always, itching always she never done her responsibilities of a marriage with husband no physically fit in capable of sexual relation too kidney doctor said she is not normal patient she is a critical patient no long term life we can try to operate the kidney but we are not sure what is the problem for contineiously pain in kidneys i am on living at rented house with my widow nani ji and widow mother they are dependent on me but i am hand to mouth earnings as my wife knew it from before marriage my wife is doing govt. job with 20 thousand plus salary she never disclosed me about her salary still and her mother also getting pension of her husband got dead on govt job near about 15 thousand plus they are missusing the law they done fraud to me ruin my life and her mother and she want that i will stay at their home they want money from the first day of marriage and left my widow mother and widow nani ji the policemen of women cell tortured the senior citizen as saying budhiya is this this a way to talk this is rubbish law of india without any crime judge will do any thing to sencire persons i want justice please suggest me sir