Harrasment from bank

Hi, In 2008 there was a loan taken from one of the banks for a new business however as more funds were required the agent had informed to swap the ECS to a different bank so that this installment does not reflect and I would be eligible for a bigger loan and I would pay up the loan I had taken from the 1st bank. My intention was very clear & hence had sent a swap request sent to the bank however they did not update the records and my ECS was bounced. I followed up with the bank and they said there was some issues and I need to send in the documents again. I did that again however it did not happen again and the 2nd ECS bounced. Now the other bank also denied the loan stating it cannot be taken forward & all my finances were hampered and in my letter to the bank I had clearly mentioned that if they do not do the swap they would be completely responsible for the same. I ended up in losses and as it was recession period I had close down the business. I was unable to pay up the debts for many banks/ CC but this was all because of the mishap happened by the bank I ma referring to. Later the bank filed a case against me in the court for which I was attending all the dates on a regular basis. However as of sudden all cases were withdrawn and the bank was no longer in existence. My advocate had no clue about it. After a few years I started getting calls from collection agency stating that they have purchased the account and you need to make the payment. I explained them the entire situation and told them to file a case and whatever decision the court takes will abide by the same. However they started threatening and abusing over the calls.I might have those calls as well. Later they started calling a girl whom I never knew and abused her on the company no she was working with. The girl was so mentally harassed as she was about to lose her job due to abusive calls being received at her office no. They somehow got in touch with me and I raised this concern with the bank directly who had purchased the account. They somehow stopped the calls but they still keep on calling and not following the legal route. That girl had also field a FIR at the police station for which I have a copy and I had never given her no to the bank as I never knew who she is. I have also been getting calls that they are calling me from the police station and when I sent my advocate to discuss the same there was no such person available in the police station. I really want to know can the banks harass to this extend where someone can lose his life as this is mental torture for everyone. Kindly suggest me what should I do in such scenarios.