Title suit

I bought and agricultural land of 2 acre in jbp, mp in 2010 from a person belonging the land since 1967. His name was continuously available in govt records since then. He sold the land as his inherited property to me. after registration of the land when i appllied for mutation of land in local tahsildar office, two of his elder cousin brothers objected the mutation on the basis of an registerd doc made in 1966 by his grand father when they were 13 & 5 years old on their names only. there were no other children of any of the other uncles, in the family that time. when the seller born his grand father introduce his name also, as he told. it is appearing in govt. records through an order no in 1967. As the detail order detail is not available therefore it is difficult to show to court on what basis his name introduced and who introduced as owner and maintaind till now. by the time of last 6 yrs i could made mutation on my name but their brother are occupying the land and not giving physical possasion till now. additionally filed a civil suit against me that we are trying to transfer the land on our name by false papers with his younger cousin. what is the future of this case and what i should do and how i should follow .... pl guide me thanx hari s patel