Illegal removal from service

"How to file a writ at High Court and how can i take help of National legal Service Authority in this case". Respected Sir/Madam Subject: Issue of Illegal removal and racism/intolerance. I, Dr. Bhupinder Pal Singh Dhillon was working with Arni University, Kathgarh, Indora, Distt Kangra, Himcahal Pradesh, from 20th Nov, 2015 to 21st Feb, 2015. On 18th Feb 2015, I just requested a small clarification in a general meeting from Pro-Chancellor as against his unclear statement, due to which Vice-Chancellor removed me form my post without giving any notice or remuneration. I got selected through proper channel of selection procedure. In my selection interview four top most executives of university were present i.e. Dr. S K Kaushal - VC, Dr. Ravikant Swami - Dean Management (ASBM), Dr. R K Poddar - Dean Technology, Mr. Ajay Mehndiratta – CEO. As per my offer letter I was appointed as Associate Professor in Arni School of Business Management. As per notice dated 11th Dec 2013, I was in-charge of the SC/ST Cell. Notice dated 3rd September, 2014 State’s that I was (force fully) deputed to University Placement Cell. I was taking care of two important departments i.e. T & P and SC/ST cell but no Compensation/ Honorarium given (as additional duty was assigned). My annual increment is also due from 20th Nov 2015. I got neglected behavior being a SC (Mazhabi Sikh) person from day one. In the moth of April 2014, VC appointed, Dr. Sandeep Chip (as he is Rajput - from high caste) as HOD of the Management Department by refusing my candidature. In all terms he (Dr. Sandeep Chib) was too junior to me. Just to stop my candidature once again as dean, on 18 Aug 2015 he appointed Dr. R C Sharma (from outside) as Dean-Management. Just on the bases of cast VC appointed him (both Dr. Kaushal and Dr. R C Sharma are Bharamin). Vice Chancellor (Dr. S. K. Kaushal – Brahmin) always gives loathing behavior to backward people. He shown height of his intolerance, by cancelling Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s Jayanti’s holiday on 14/04/14. VC is so stubborn that even after my advocate’s legal notice they are still using my name on their web sites “ &” as TPO. They are full of high caste egoism that they even don’t have fear of law and order of country. Placement Issue I was appointed as Associate Professor in the ASBM, thus my core duty was teaching the students not the Placements of students. As per their order dated 21/02/15 with ref. no. adm./8596-100, point no. 2, I was taking care of placement cell from last one year, but actually I was in that cell from last six months (Plz see attached notice dated 3rd September, 2014 with reference no. Adm./7823-26) Following points proves that I was fully dedicated towards my job as TPO too, but Arni University was not co-operating with me and forcing me, not to work properly ? Department of Examination refused to give data of students (even after interference of Mr. Ajay Mehndirata - CEO) ? No coordinator from departments for placements as time table coordinator and other. ? No proper office and assistant provided. Not even basic things (i.e. Laptop, High Speed internet, Landline phone, cell phone etc.) were provided as these are the necessary for running the T & P office. ? No meeting for T & P (Not even a single meeting by VC, PC, Registrar, DSW to discuss the issues/progress of department) ? Many times deans/hod’s refused to send the students for campus interview. Meeting Issue (Misbehavior with management): Second sub point of point 2 of removal order, which say’s that my conduct was undesirable and objectionable towards the management of the university during the meeting of faculty and staff of the university held on February 18th, 2015. That was a general meeting and due to less space in the seminar hall it was a big mess in the hall, due to which lots of noise was there, which resulted people listen “suggestion word” as “permission”. No minutes of meeting provided in which so called misbehavior point held. Removal Issue: As per my offer letter I can be removed form my services by giving one month salary or one month notice but noting was implemented. No explanation notice was served. With Warm Regards Dr. Bhupinder Pal Singh Dhillon