Dv case nbw issued

An Ex-parte order given in favour of complainant within 24 hours of interim application 5K for wife and 2K for each of 3 sons. Respondent appealed to sessions court as no opportunity of hearing was granted but sessions court overlooked the grounds considering only 5 of the 32 grounds. The sessions court takes 3 years to dismiss appeal.Respondent has been paying 25% of lower court order regularly. complainant files recovery of arrears of 3 years. Respondent submits objections to arrears as there are two majors and the wife deserted him. respondent continues paying 25% of interim order. Lower court issues Fine Levy warrant. Respondent lost trust in judge. Judge issues NBW. respondent lost trust in judge. Continues paying 25% of order as court is listening to him and that there are two majors and she deserted him. He is married and living with his second wife. 1. The court is 1000 kilometers from respondent. 2. It is a false DV case as Wife deserted him 15 years back and living with her politician aunt. 3.Politician aunt is using political power to manage ex parte orders and dismissal of his appeal FLW and NBW 4. How to face this case.