Hi I have been asked to resign from my company by my director with no fault of mine. The process started from September 2015 and I have established the entire setup. Even the performance of team and mine was appreciated,however there was very less support from my director team who is based out of Romania and Prague.The team was frustrated as there was no such support so we decided to talk to my director and update what all support is missing.He did listen to us and would provide plan to mitigate the risk. I received a call on Monday 13 th June from my director stating that the team is not motivated and they were trying to blame him and his team after that he told that that I am not pushing my team enough to get the result. I told him that the process is complex and we did delivered the result in an excellent way for last two quarters,for which he did not support my feedback.He asked me to resign and look for new job as he do not like me and asked me not to report same to hr as he will put negative comments in my relieving letter which would be painful. On 14 th I have resigned stating as discussed I am resigning however I don't have any offer in hand so would require two months to get an offer and my director will be ok to relieve me whenever I have offer in hand within these two months that is till 14 th August. Which he has approved in the email. I have NP of one month so he told that he will initiate my resignation either on 14 th July or probably before once I had the offer. I am a family person and do not like to engage in politics however I am not sure if anyone would help me as I am just a manager in big multinational and do not have that power to influence someone to fight for justice. I am even not sure if HR would help me as they may take the management side eventually leading to my loss. I don't know if there can be any legal case against such unfair decision by the company. Overall it's a loss to my career , aspirations and financial. Gurpinder Bangalore