Need help for Live-In relationship Issue

I have been into a 6 year old relationship with a man vivek. who presently work with a government firm in Mumbai. And i reside in Delhi. I am already divorced as my first marriage did not work. I came in vivek's contact when my divorce case was going on in 2010 and in 2012 it settled. he promised to support me and marry me after my divorce case settles but even after that he gave me excuses of parents disagreement & financial issues. Since 2010 we have been into long distance relationship. But we used to visit each other 3-4 times in year. Our relationship was completely like husband wife. My daughter (from first marriage) used to address him as father. During these six years he fought with me over petty issues but things worked. last year he abused my child so i stopped calling me and called of the relationship. but after November 2015 once again i tried to sort out the things. his response was very cold and i felt a change in his attitude towards me. On June 14 after a lot of digging he told me that he got engaged in the month of April 2016. I need your help in this..Plz reply asap..