Car Service Provider negligance

May I request you to please help me and get me appropriate citation/(s) with relevant para to support my claim for compensation and damages, for my following claim. I am thinking of filing an application before the DISTRICT CONSUMER DISPUTES REDRESSAL FORUM AT TIRUVALLUR. After the flood at my area on 1st December-2015, my car I-10 got affected. Water entered up-to / below the bottom seat cover. As an abundant precaution I did sent the car by towing truck to Hyundai authorised centre at Ambathur,M/s Kun Hyundai Limited on 17th December-2015. Service centre gave me ack saying Flood-B(Water up to seat level) and assured the vehicle would be made ready within five working days once insurance inspection would be over. On follow up, the centre confirmed that Insurance was over on 28th December, since then i have been follow up regularly. At one stage the reply was that under chasing wiring hardness to be replaced and order had been placed.The service engineer confirmed that once received within five working days, the vehicle would be delivered. The same reply I was getting it till april 2016. I visited the workshop on 19th April, and to my surprise found that my vehicle interior corroded out side paint spoiled due to scorching sun.The dash board, seat covers are fully discoloured due to scorching sun. Most of the body area started corrosion including the interior of windows panels. Battery is lifeless. I am sure the air conditioner would have gone. The mere look at the the vehicle and the way it is left unattended to it is most unfortunate and I lost hope of getting the vehicle back in usable condition in the near future or otherwise besides my expenditure on damages caused/ happened due to flood, and a huge amount may be equivalent to the cost of vehicle as of today, more so, happened due to damages caused, leaving the vehicle for more than 4 months in dum yard/ scarp yard due to body corrosion/ seat cover /dash board damage due to exposure to open sun without attending to it. I sent an email to Kun Hyundai and Hyundai Motors India Ltd. Then Manager started talking and confirmed the wiring part would be received on un urgent basis, and repair would be completed. Recently last week service enginer confirmed that the Battery gone out of recondition level and the Car Stereo also got damaged. I understand tnow hat suspension also needs repair due to rust /corrosion. Still I have not received the vehicle. I strongly feel M/s.Kun Hyundai having the responsibility to keep the vehicle in a protected atmosphere to contain further damage to Battery, Seat Air Conditioner, Car Stereo and Body Corrosion, till the receipt of spars from Original Equipment / Spars supplier,failed and left neglected the vehicle in the yard for rotting on the scorching sun unattended to for more than six months, the Hyundai Motors India Ltd also jointly and severally, responsible for not supplying the spars in time, resulting which my car got more on consequential damages.