Claim of sexual abuse 6 years before by massages of cell phone

I am a male teacher in a institute. Now in 2016 an x-male student claiming that i forcefully demanded for gay sex from him and I continue pressure him by cell phone message during 2010 middle. He uses news paper and my pic to mentally abuse me. he publish some massages on newspaper with my pic. I know I never did sexual desire from him. If some message there that may be some friendly adult chatting just. I did not saved incoming messages from him, actually he was interested on me for physical sex, but as gay right I never hurt him and as I was not interested I never indulge any physical relation, I just chat like fried, but never forced him. I forgot what I wrote in messages, If i sent any massage that was as reply, he is claiming there are many more adult sexual messages, but how could be so many, if such true then as during his study he usually came to me and free to use my books mobile etc, it is possible he intentionally sent the message to his phone from my phone or by other way. Here in my place mobile cloud store concept or tracking mobile position is not present. So I am handicap to go legal process, as he will continue such news paper use on me, and also he with my superior officials as they are much close now, the want to hamper my with my academic carrier that I am indulge with boy sex and for that I abuse some one......please help me.