Question on fir under 384,420,468,506 r/w 34 ipc & 156(3) crpc.

Hi All, I have filed a case under 384,420,468,506 R/W 34 IPC & 156(3) CRPC. Problem: My relatives has forced me to sign and empty Rs100/- paper stamp and also recovered my land documents during my father funeral. as they are my relatives i have been asking them for my documents for an year.After an year they have forged the stamp paper and written that i sold that property to them. So i have approched Police station to file a complaint but invain . So i have referred a private complaint through court and then police registered an FIR under the above sections. Questions: 1) It has been already 2 years since i have registered the FIR . Still the charge sheet is not filed yet. How long it will take for such cases to file a charge sheet by police. 2) how long it will take for the court to dispose the case. 3) how to recover the documents from the opponents and submit them to court so that they can't modify the documents further. 4) Can I request for forensic report to prove the forgery . If Yes , what is the procedure to request. 5) What should I do if the police tries to close the Case by using some tricks. How can I fight for my case. 6) The police didn't arrest the accused. They are saying that the accused got Anticipatory bail . If they got it it should expire at some point of time right . In that case how to get the accused arrested. Thanks, Radha