Mine was arranged marriage in March very first month my husband handed over my atm card to my father in law as I was earning n I was left with no money.I was living in ncr with my husband at his paternal uncle's parents discussed the issue with husband's paternal uncle as he was the mediator.from that day my inlaws kept on insulting my card was given back but some how they used all money.I have all bank statements with August my husband left for in-laws including brother in law kept on creating issues n mentally tortured Oct I left my job n went to US H4 visa.I had not even a single penny in nov again in-laws created husband n in-laws said if I want to go back to parents ,I can.but my parents felt sorry for No reason n requested to carry on.At that time I asked my mother to get FD of the amount I had in my india account including the full n final I received from previous husband was aware of this yet now he called my father for this money too and abused him.I hence decided to come to meet my parents once.I came back on 19 May we decided to get divorced. Please advice what legal action I can take as they spoiled my life and career just for money I was earning.