Faulty Lenovo Laptop

Hi there, I purchased a Lenovo G505s laptop for Rs 40000 on july 2014, now on 24 may 2016 the laptop start crashing few second after boot because of overheating. When I contact the seller from whom I purchased the product, they send it to service center, thats what they said to.me . Now they are saying this happen ( overheating problem ) and they can't help me or repair it ( because they don't understand the problem) and asked me to take my laptop back. the laptop cost me Rs 40000 and now they(seller) are saying they can't help me. If the laptop crash within a minute after boot how can I work with it. The laptop is out of warranty it has a warranty period of 1 year. The service center is not able to repair the laptop which was purchased just 2 year ago and is a internal design fault of Lenovo laptop which cause this problem. Since its clearly the act of deficiency in service which resulted in mental agony and harassment to me, am I eligible to filled a case consumers court with the fact stated above The laptop has a history of malfunctioning keyboard which was replaced under warranty