Restraining order again't DIL

Hi brother got married about 8 years ago since then we being tortured by his wife and parents.She kept staying at her place for starting 4 years on off and had a daughter. My brother for sake of daughter bore her tantrums.whenever she would stay with us, she would constantly harass my father being an orthodox man always wanted my brother to stay and so turned a blind eye..One day when she actually took a sandal to throw at my father and was running to lodge a false complaint against us my brother took her away and it was decided she will stay separate.Even after staying separate for 3 years she still keeps coming to our house to taunt my mother neither my bro nor my father say anything .Also she harasses my bro but he wont leave her for sake of child..We 2 out of 3 sisters stay abroad and am about to leave ..Now my father has forgotten all and wants her to stay with us or keep visiting .He gave excuse of my brother being with us. .But my brother in all these years has taken care of our home expenses my parents and he comes daily 2 to 3 times at home..And he too doesnt want her to visit us but my father keeps calling DIL to come to our house.Now what my mother should do.she doesn't want to stay with my father if he continues his madness for DIL because she is still same evil woman and just wants entire property on her name. Neither my mother can stay permanently due to visa issues abroad. She has to keep coming back to india Can we get restraining order against DIL without help of my father or bro..or can my mom separate from father with legal help and get house to live.