Cancellation of registered gift deed immoveable property

My father made a gift deed for a lady .my father an influence of her brother and parents made agift deed .my father living with him 15 she is living in that gifted flat which is registered .my father have one girl child from this lady. my father is not married with that gift deed my father wrote a condition that without any permission of that girl child that flat ca not be selled.this girl child is miner that means she is16years old.the lady who staying with my father made another affair andmarraige with an person.myfather is sc catogoary andthose lady and person upper caste.ultemately when my father made agift deed she run away with in two months with another my father is retired father want to cancell the gift deed on the bassis of that laddies marriage certificate?the girl child also not onmy father is a froud case.a lady lived with my father only for property purpose.can my father have right to file a case on that lady. Haw to cancell the gift deed.please help in this matter