Child Rights In Mutual Consent Divorce

Team, My wife is seeking a Divorce from me and I have agreed for the same on a mutual consent basis. I have agreed to pay her Rs.11,00,000/- as a permanent alimony. In which I was planning to do a fixed deposit of Rs.8,00,000/- on my daughters (10 months old) name. However, she wants the entire amount to be paid to her in the form of a demand draft and in the presence of court. I have agreed to her aforementioned request. But, now she states that petition should mention that the permanent alimony is only for her and not to mention daughters name in the petition. Also, states that our daughter has a right to ask for a share on the property/wealth owned by me after she attains 18 years old. All the property me & my parents have is on the name of my parents and it's self acquired property by my parents. I don't own any property. In btw my wife earns close to Rs.60000/- per month as of now. My question is after paying Rs.11,00,000/- alimony to my wife and by not mentioning that it's also for my daughter : 1. Would I be liable to pay any kind of maintenance in future to my daughter? 2. If I have to pay maintenance to my daughter, for how long I got to pay the same? 2. Would my daughter have any rights on my parents property even if they right a "will" stating that my 1st wife kid will not get any share in the property? 3. Can my daughter file a case on me seeking a share in the property/money earned & acquired by me? Appreciate your time in reading my long questioner. Thanking you in anticipation.