Is fighting/arguing for our rights a crime?

Hello, I know a friend of mine married for 10 years.There in -laws are very aged and good but very insecure and egoistic.They have stopped my friend going to her mother's home or meet them due very small incidents( ritual differences).They always complain about her parents for silly reasons. As my friend couldn't take any longer argued with them as why she can not go to her parents home and why they always complain for silly reasons?My friends daughter in law stays with her parents only. When she questioned as why their daughter is staying with them even after 25 years of marriage. They just yelled at her and said, she doesn't have any right to ask all these and they said that they will file a case against her for shouting at elders (old people) and few silly reasons that she gets up late, she is some times lazy, doesn't work, sad face and because of her relation between parents and son, sister and brother is strained and send her to jail!! To which her husband doesn't react as he feels going against elders is a sin and wants her to keep her mouth shut all the time and just adjust! Is this a valid reason? She is worried as she can't talk confidently and her father in law is rich, talk confidently( though done a mistake ) and convince anyone and has many lawyer friends. Please help by letting me know under what conditon a case can be filed? Thanks in Advance.