Friend threatening me f

Dear team One of my friend give me money 2 lakhs for my family needs..later he interested in my business and invested 2 lakhs .. two months later he didn't like the business style and took back 1.2 lakhs of his investment back.. this is hppened a year bck now he torturing me and said to give back all his money with immediate state or otherwise he lodge a complaint against me even i am ready to pay all his money with proper interest with in next one year time he refused to listen me and torturing by calls and sms he gave ll the money through bank transaction as well as i am also give back his part of investment amount through bank transaction We didnt wrote any agreement for the above deals as this is based on friendship basis.. i need some time to return all his money but he is not ready to talk and willing to put me in problems.. i am worried too much in past days what should i do..? I dont want to keep his money but i need time to pay back Kindly advice sir.. thanks in advance