Property issue Advice

Hi, We are total two brothers and sisters to my Dad (who married my mom after death of 1st wife.she had two children:my elder brother and elder sister .My mom had 2 children .My younger sister and my self ) My dad had 9 Acres of land and he bought 41/4 more acre land.At that time with the intention not to have more land he registered 41/4 Acre land on my brother name.And later he registered another 21/2 Acre more land on my Mom name . My dad gifted nearly 3.75 acres to my two sisters recently and he is having 51/2 Acres with him and it is dry land. my brother had 41/4 Acre (wet land)on his name and my mom had 21/2 acres .he didn't register any land on my name thinking that he can distribute all above land equally between two brothers My brother after marriage changed completely and claiming that its his land .And currently he is using the land on his name (41/4 Acre ) and my mom land 21/2 both wet land . He is forcefully using both above two lands and he left 51/2 dry land for which is on my dad name when my father become sick with the intention that my father can't do any thing as he is sick .he used 31/2 years before i married. When I am about to marry recently , with the intention of clearing the issues ,I asked my brother .He ignored me .I visited village Panchayat. They told it should be equally divided between me and my brother after consulting my father He is continuously frightening my dad , mom and me (as my father is sick he is taking advantage) claiming that the land his name is his own .But my dad is telling he bought the land and every one in my villege knows that truth. What can I do to get justice ?