Hello sir, There are lot fights between myself and my wife even before marriage and I have asked to stop the marraige but her family orally convinced my family to proceed with marriage, after marriage also she did not stop it, she throws very harsh words , i could not tolerate it hence first time slapped her and I attempted suide writting a letter but unfortunately my attempt got failed and she saw my suicidal letter, again issue started, in meanwhile she took my mobile and she saw messages of my debt and legal advice i saw before my suicide attempt, again she lost a word i am feeling regret of been slept with , i could not tolerate this word and slapped her and she hit me back and i went hit her. She got the video of CCTV when I slapped her for this word, now they are trying to threatening us with the video and they are verying with my office and they are shadowing me wherever i go. I am in deep mental stress, do I have a way to come out of this life legally, they dont want go to court and they kept telling me my daughter will live with you. Please advice