Myself RAM CHAUHAN from Mumbai. Worked abroad for years and now settled back in Mumbai. Reason is that my Ex-Company got bankrupt. So no option but to cancel employment visa permanently. My wife is still in abroad and running family business. Her all family members are well settled and staying in same building. She does not want to come back to India under any circumstances and also another reason is presently i'm jobless. My main reason of settling back here in Mumbai is basically the interference of her family in each and every moments. For this reason our marriage life has being disturbed for past 8 years. I can't go back because i have my old mother , elder brother (not married, mentally disturbed) and my elder daughter (from 1st wife) of 18 years of age and can't leave her in Mumbai city. Ups and down happened in all human life. Being married though whatever situation a family should be complete and together. Please advice as I'm very down to earth human. I need her back as I love her too much. Thank you.