Dometic Violence

Hi, I had a problem that my husband is involving into my brothers family as he had grudge on me. We got married 4 years back.Before marriage after engagement, they asked for my 2 yrs salary through broker.But my father denied.At that time they mentioned they dont need it.(Not sure they would have thought too take after marriage). After marriage of 1 month my husband suddenly called and asked to transfer some 70k to his account.(At that time i used too stay at Hyd, he is at Bglre cos of jobs).I did it.After some days he mentioned he had debt of 6lakhs and we has too clear it.I talked to my parents and they mentioned that they asked foor my 2 yrs salary which we denied.So this way they might thought of taking money from me.I mentioned to him to clear the debt by himself and i made my salary into savings (made chit). So at the time of receival of chit amount after 2yrs , we thought of buying some property and with my dad's help we paid some amount for site at my dad's place * as in bglre we could nt get any good one).At that time since i went to my home town for maternity i was at that place only.He got some papers with his signature and asked to keep that site on his name.I was little bit tensed ( might be every time he speaks or calls to me is for only money) at that time and the site was registered on my name.Keeping that grudge, he started disturbing my brother's family.They stay in vijayawada and when my mother in law is sick and in hospital in vijaywada they used to call my brothers inlaws and chit chat.After that my sister-in -law started torturing my brother ( like bringing my family matter infront of him and asking to have my husband in between for panchayati of their family matter). So i would like to know on legally how to proceed?