Major penalty

Sir mere khilf 7 charges legaye gaye 1 The audit of the said unit could not be completed by me during the stipulated period 2 Not adhering to the direction containing in tour programe(ARA TO PATNA daily up down ker audity kiya tha) 3 BRIBE (jo ki party ke incharge ke dwara legaya gaya tha ) 4 Carried the record uauthorisedly to his residence which caused hampering of the audit work, there by failure of audit 5 me didnot cooperate to the supervisory officer; treated with him in a defiant manner and created disorder in party personel 6 Due to failure of perforing duty by the old field pary an another field pary had to form for conducting audit and expenditure on TA and pay of new party was accountable to us 7 audit findings was differ from new party inquiry officer ne ARTICLE II proved bataya and ARTICLE I & VI partially proved bataya DA ne disagreement note ke sath ALL Charges BEYOND DOUBT proved bataya jo ki aisa kerna galat tha(F.N0.11012/12/2010-Estt.(A) Date 12/11/2010 Penatly 4 increment permanent roka gaya APPELLATE AUTHORITY ne ARTICLE II & IV proved and ARTICLE I & VI partially proved batay penalty main koi kami nahin ki gayi F.NO.11012/12/2010 Dated 12/11/2010 DA sir ki bias hone ko sabit kerta hai kya future prospect hai office procedure main main kahin bhi party inchare nahin hun phir bhi party head ker chargsheet diya gaya tha