In-laws harass me

Hello, I have been married for 10 years. I face daily harassment from in-laws. How do I protect myself. 1. My mother in law does not give me food to eat. I have to usually eat left overs. She accuses me I have grown fat after coming to her house. She gets angry and taunts at me even if I drink water in her home. She hides food from me and also bath supplies like soap, shampoo. I have developed diabetes and often battle with dangerously low blood sugars on a daily basis. My 3 year old son is also given the same treatment and I am scared he will develop health complications due to eating unhealthy food. 2. My father in law continuously stalks me and prevents me from stepping outside the house. Even if I have to go to my parents house he gets angry at me and tries to stop me. He also tries to control the time I spend in my parents house. 3. My father in law forced me to leave my job and made me financially dependent on my husband while he supports his daughter for further education 4. Once, when no one was home my father in law came in front of me undressed and I knew his intentions were not good. 5. He often comes into my bedroom when I am sleeping alone with my child and when I wake up, he says he came for my child and he takes away my sleeping child away from me. 6. My father in law forcefully takes my child away from me and he takes the child to unknown places and I suspect he molests the child in my absence. My child has developed emotional disorders and cannot recognize good touch vs bad touch. I once tried to follow him and he told me to back off and not follow him. 7. My husband knows about all this and remains mute. How do I seek legal protection. What proofs do I need to gather against my in laws.