Harrashment by in laws

My Name is Balkrishan Me and my family harassed by my father Inlaw my wife go to her home 2 months before after little fight with us actually i was suffering that time very badly due to i left my job three months i was in home without job , i have a 4 & half year baby boy,he was studied in Ramjas day boarding i was manage all the school fees and family expenses..that time i had no job i was under pressure 2 - 3 times we fight ( me and my wife ) after 3 months every thing comes good i start my own business i earned good money ...then i changed my life style i changed my rented house i take 3 bhk rented house every think going good after 2 months she take my child school leaving certificate without my information that day when i come at night from office she said me tomorrow we go to my parents house ( my wife and my child ) she said i take lakshya ( my son ) school leaving certificate when i saw my sons school leaving certificate i was totally blanked next day she left me and go to her parents home... After that she switched her number i call so many times she blocked me in whats app also after few days her father come to my father he hit him and saw abuse words very badly one day i call my father in law he use abuse words for me also and said ( ek baar tu mil ja mujhe tujhe talwar se mujhe marne ke dil se chah ha ) after that i met my wife on the way to her office she said you come to my father and talk to him.. and she said if my father allow me then i will go with you actually our marriage is a court marriage without the permission of our parents my parents accepted us with in month but her father take a revenge my father inlaw said me on call ( tu ek baar mil to tu mujhe court main le k gyea tha main tujhe ab nhi chorunga tujhe marna mere dil ke kuaish ha ) i have a recording for that call kindly help me what will i do i want my wife and my son again BALKRISHAN