Cheque bounce

Hi, I had invested in a certain realtor called Dreamz Infra India limited in Bangalore in May 2015 for an amount of Rs.17.7L. Their project did not start after waiting for 4 months and hence I cancelled the project. They gave me 3 cheques to return my money back (2 cheques each of 7L and one for 3.7L). These cheques bounced. But they have given me 3.6L as of now in terms of cash and DDs. Initially they gave me 2 DDs of 1L but after that the returns have been very slow. They are paying Rs.50000 per month and they are telling they do not have cash and hence can't give the full amount. At this rate it will take almost 2 years to get my money back from them. Can you please tell me after I file a case regarding this with a lawyer, how long will it take for me to get back my remaining money? Should I consult a lawyer or go to a consumer forum? How often should I travel to the court after I file a case? Also, how long can I wait after the date of cheque bounce, before which I should file a case? Can I wait for 3 months after the cheque bounce before I file a case? Thanks, Anjan